The dead laugh silently

The dead laugh silently

25 MAY | 18H30

50 min | 142 seats

A satirical sketch about Galileu Galilei’s run in with the Inquisition, who asks him to renounce the hypothesis that the earth travels around the sun

a delirious reimagination of historical events that channel the Brechtian dialogue with a generous dose of Beckettian absurdism and a glutinous layer of glacé of Mel Brooks. All of this contained in a pale blue dot that spins in a hysterical emptiness of an icy space.


Staging: Suresh Nampuri

Adaption: Suresh Nampuri

Production: Ana Sarroeira e Sophia Gamonal

Cast: Afonso Coutinho, André Matias, Cláudio Faustino, Francisca Pestana, Gabriel Galante, Mariana Lalanda, Sophia Gamonal e Teresa Cintra