The Servant of Two Masters

The Servant of Two Masters

21 MAY | 17H00

105 min | 47 seats

This time the GTIST resurrects Carlo Goldoni so that two masters are served, the actors and the public.

In these words written in 1745 reside several stories. One of them is the story of a hungry person who, despite all adversities, manages to hold two jobs at the same time. In short, a timeless classic…


Collective creation

Interpreted by: Adriano Mendes, Anabela Caetano, Carolina Moncada, Duarte Ruas, Fábio Santos, Filipe Isidoro, Francisco Peres, José Miguel Santos, Inês Silva, Tiago Lavrador.

Advisor: Pedro Gil

Support for the Construction of the Spectacle: Emanuel Frazão, Maria Patrícia Couto, Sérgio Marcelino

Coordination and production: Duarte Ruas e Maria Patrícia Couto

Lighting: Carolina Teixeira, João Silveira, Bruna Soares

Sound: Daniela Carvalho, Gabriela Caetano

Costume Designer: Francisca Vieira