The Happy Hour

The Happy hour

26 MAY | 21H00

80 min | 113 seats

Based on the work of Sarah Kane and working with the text “4.48 Psychosis”, the Grupo de Teatro de Letras (GTL) (Letras Theatre Group), proposes to present an adaptation of this text with the purpose of showing the most human side of the Human Being which, many times, is ostracized.

This show intends to work on the themes of love (and its many types) as well as the transfiguration of love relationships through the affirmation of the individualities of the “characters”. Through the projection of a doctor-patient relationship, the show invites the public to rethink the true meaning of the several consultations that take place. However, these encounters have nothing conventional about them, and for this very reason, the “falsehood masquerading as medical prescriptions” reigns.


Staging: José Ávila Costa

Lighting: Sofia Ding

Sound: Catarina Faria

Text: Sarah Kane

Interpreted by: Ana Gomes, António Silva, Diana Coelho, Gonçalo Pereira, Júlia Ding, Leonor Vasconcelos, Luís Silva, Raquel Rosa