Las Ciudades Escondidas
Maricastaña Group (Vigo University)

The hidden cities

18 MAY | 21H00

75 min | 113 seats | Speaked in spanish

The emperor wants to know how the cities in his empire are. The traveller tells him. From that tale cities arise, cities of memory, of desire, of power, of misery or the hidden ones.

All of them intertwine with rhythm, poetry, misery, desire, invisibility, exchanges, humour… Deserts, mountains, rivers, fields are presented in this play which sometimes dance before the spectators, and other times buzz around their ears.


Lighting, props and on-site technicians: José Manuel Bayón, Rubén Dobaño

Figurinos e adereços: Tegra

Music: Renata Codda Fons

Dramaturgy, Scenography and Direction: Fernando Dacosta

Interpreted by: Gonzalo Otero, Eva García, Tatiana González, Marcos Lama, Marisol Amoeiro; Conchi González; Lola Fernández, Carmen Blanco, Miguel Estévez, Iria Losada, Iván Iglesias, Candela López, Natalia Feijoo