Dramaturgy Practices
Dramaturgy Workshop

Dramaturgy Practices

10 e 12 MAY | 16h30 - 19h30

6 hours | 12 participants | 7,5€

The practical exercise will be centered around the analysis of the play Three Women with Iron Masks (1998/2014), by Agustina Bessa-Luís

Based on the study of the evolution of the concept of dramaturgy (from the Poetics by Aristotle to the Hamburg Dramaturgy by Lessing, from Brecht's epic theatre to the postdramatic theatre of Hans-Thies Lehmann and to preformance), we will be analyzing texts and presenting examples of the diversity of dramaturgy practices, such as the writing of versions and theatrical adaptations, the dramaturgical analysis or the research work that contributes to the planning of a play and the development of the materials (synopsis, programme booklet, programme, online content) which accompany it and promote it.



Vera San Payo de Lemos

Professor of the German Studies Department of the School of Arts and Humanities of Lisbon (1975-2021), where they taught German, German Didactics, Translation and Theatre Studies.
In theatre, they have been working regularly since 1980, in the area of translation and dramaturgy, with stage director João Lourenço in Teatro Aberto in plays created from contemporary dramaturgy and music.
They also collaborate in the translation and coordinated the editing of the first four volumes of Teatro de Bertolt Brecht (Livros Cotovia, 2003-2007).
They were awarded the Austrian State Prize for Literary Translation for the plays As Presidentes (1997) and Peso a mais Sem peso Sem forma(2004), de Werner Schwab, the award Prémio da Crítica (2003) and the Goethe Medal (2006).