PLuminous Landscapes

Luminous Landscapes

07 MAY | 10H00 - 13H00

3 hours | 12 children between 6 and 10 years of age | 7,5€

In this interdisciplinary workshop, we will explore theatre and performance practice, with the aid of visual and experimental arts.

The light and shadow will be the main characters and we will also have with us shapes, colours and sound, in order to get to know the notion of stage, scene and story. There will be games about overlapping, varied textures, drawings with giant pencils and unexpected body movements!

This workshop was created with the objective of intruducing to children between the age of 6 and 10 the universe of theatre performativity, through the use of visual and experimental artistic practices. Starting from the likes and curiosities of each participant, as well as their idea of what theatre and the action of being on stage is, the aim is to make an immersive scenographic construction, created from the various exercises proposed during the Workshop. The aim is to do exercises with light (overhead-projector; colourful lights; torches), in contrast with their shadow; their sound and their reach; several body movements carried out on stage; visual experimentation through drawing and painting; constructions and collages. At the end of the workshop there will be a small and improvised presentation for the participants.

Image copyright: Mariana Martins de Oliveira


Art Educator

Mariana Martins de Oliveira

Mariana Martins de Oliveira is a multidisciplinary artist, art educator, curator and cultural producer based in Porto. Their work questions contemporary art and the position of the individual within the creative, ecological and communal context. Their practice, at the moment, switches between food culture and participation. As of right now, they are developing their Master Dregee's research in Museum and Curatorial Studies in FBAUP. Mariana has a Bachelor's Degree in Artistic Studies and a Post-Graduate Programme in Contemporary Photography from ULisboa.