Temporary imaginary FATAL: fiction, archive and memory
Visual Arts Workshop

Temporary imaginary FATAL: fiction, archive and memory

14 MAY | 15h00 - 19h00

4 hours | 12 participants | 7,5€

This workshop has as its objective to contribute for the development of individuals and collective competences of the work group. Develop theatrical skills in articulation with other arts, like photography, media arts, cinema, from the fundamentals of theatrical language, interpretation processes, in a work about intimacy, the memory.

In this case resorting to visual documents (photos) from the archive of FATAL. Thus, through the reorganisation, revisitation and manipulation of these imagens small narratives are constructed, in an exercise of confronting the image with other objects. In this workshop there will be the possibility of getting to know the methods of creation of the instructing artist and applying them with their guidance.



Tânia Dinis

Tânia Dinis (Vila Nova de Famalicão, 1983) has a Master's Degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices from FBAUP (2015) and a Bachelor's degree in Theatrical Studies, Interpretation focused by ESMAE (2006). Besides the experience as an instructor in workshops and labs, they were a teacher in the Theatre course in the Universidade de Teatro do Minho (2020/2021) and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Cinema and Theatre Department of ESAP.
Their work crosses miscellaneous perspectives and artistic fields - photography, performance, cinema - in a relational aesthetic, from images of family, personal or anonymous archives, their appropriation, in a time-image-memory-dream relation.
In 2013 they directed their first short film, Não são favas, são feijocas, awarded in various cinema festivals, follow by other works - Arco da Velha(2015) Laura(2017) and Armindo e a Câmara Escura(2017)Lurdes(2022).
They are also the creator of various performative projects, of which these are highlights: Bastidores(2019), which is based on the photography archive of the Teatro Municipal Rivoli (Rivoli Municipal Theatre). Linha de Montagem, based on the archive of the Teatro Oficina - CIAJG (CIAJG - Oficina Theatre) (2019); Álbuns da Terra(2020-2021); Linha de Tempo - Imaginário familiar(2021) based on a compilation of archives in elderly homes; Álbuns da Guerra(with Catarina Laranjeiro, 2021). They also integrated several national and international collective exhibitions and are represented in the contemporary art collection of the Porto municipality.
They were one of the artists selected for the Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática de Vila do Conde (2020/2021). They were the artistic director of the "Todos vivemos a mesma viagem de maneiras diferentes" (2022) project. They were also one of the main people responsible for the Projecto Memoratório (2020-2022) project, based on the archive of the Grupo Musical de Miragaia (Miragaia Musical Group) for the Cultura em Expansão Câmara Municipal do Porto project. In June 2023 they are presenting Elas entram e ficam!, based on the archive of TEP - Experimental Theatre of Porto.