Cultura, Universidade e Cidade

11th May | 18h00

A Universidade enquanto criadora de conhecimento é também um polo disseminador e impulsionador de cultura e criatividade, contribuindo em larga escala para a valorização e crescimento intelectual de cada estudante.

Academic Theatre as Civic Intervention

12th May | 18h00

Participative and mobilising initiatives for the student community are common in an academic context, for topics such as human rights, sustainability and environment, and racial and gender issues. Being part of an Academic Theatre group may make a difference in the daily lives of students, impacting directly the academic dynamic. How can theatre, and especially Academic Theatre, intervene directly or indirectly in civil society?

Encontros Ibéricos de Teatro Universitário

13th May | 18h00

Contactar com os grupos de teatro académico permite-nos conhecer as suas diferentes realidades e desafios. O teatro académico é por natureza um lugar de manifesto, de desenvolvimento pessoal e colectivo, que cresce através da partilha de experiências e de todo o trabalho realizado pelos seus intervenientes. Mas, a importância destes colectivos vai muito além da academia. A participação de grupos de teatro académico em eventos, nacionais ou internacionais, é, ou pode ser, motor de actividade cultural e social nos locais onde eles ocorrem.

The Body’s Conscience | From the Stage to Life

17th May | 18h00

The conversation we would like to start stems from our experience, through the years, of the work of the body. A performing, creative, present body, which is constantly learning and changing. Our proposal, open to the public, intends to promote group reflection about the possibilities, say infinite possibilities that our bodies have.

What remains of Academic Theatre?

18th May | 18h00

The main purpose of an archive is to ensure that memory lives on. An archive entails a physical space with preservation conditions for different materials. Documents, figurines and sceneries are some of the elements that sustain the theatrical practice. In 2019, in the scope of 20th edition of FATAL, during a gathering inspired by the theme, some questions arose: How do Academic Theatre groups preserve their legacy? Is the Academic Theatre memory compromised?