Theatre Group of the Universidade da Beira Interior

TeatrUBI - Theatre Group of the Universidade da Beira Interior was founded on the 14th of March of 1989, in Covilhã. Their annual activities consist of a training course and the creation of a show, which is present both nationally and internationally. We have previously presented our shows in Spain, France, Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela. The Ciclo de Teatro Universitário da Beira Interior (University Theatre Cycle of Beira Interior), which is currently the oldest international university theatre festival in the country, has been continuously going on since 1996. In November of this year, the 25th edition of this event will take place, where most of the portuguese university theatre groups, including some inactive ones, and various countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico have already performed. TeatrUBI has been a part of the Associação Ibero-Americana de Teatro Universitário (Ibero-American Association of University Theatre) since October 2005.

Play "Black Chant"