Theatre Group of AEISCTE

mISCuTEm began in 2001 (marking its 20 year anniversary this year) with the aim of filling the inexistence of a group in ISCTE-IUL. It is mainly composed of students from the Institute, but is also open to students and ex-students of other universities. In the last few years, the number of students in the group has been between eight and fourteen. They have always had the same theatre director, who is also the founder. The main goal is to present one show per year, for which it has two rehearsals per week. The necessity for more rehearsals can be modified according to the requirements of the group’s creative projects. Apart from the shows presented at ISCTE-IUL, every year the group travels to at least one venue away from home, in theatres and associations across the country.

In addition to the practice related to the presentation of shows, there is a training component, where continuous training is provided, which the members acquire throughout the rehearsals. There is one theatre internship per year, where the group works for three consecutive days in areas related to the show during the respective year. It also promotes a series of workshops taught by specialized professionals in various theatre areas. There’s an annual children’s play. This initiative allows the group to receive children from schools surrounding the Institute. This play also travels to at least one venue away from home.

The group is characterized by great union and family spirit, with a creative space so that, with guidance, each member can evolve. The projects have been quite distinct from one another, despite sharing the same language.

Play "Alone"