Employee Theatre Group of the Universidade de Lisboa

Created in 2013, the Employee Theatre Group of the Universidade de Lisboa (GTFUL) is a theatre group made from and for the community, consisting of technicians, teachers and researchers of ULisboa.

GTFUL aims to be a place for sharing knowledge, for employees, not actors, with various motives, coming from different areas, professional groups and age groups, with a common goal: doing theatre.

Aside from learning exercises and development of individual skills, the rehearsals encompass all the production work of a theatre presentation, including the scenery handling, figurines, publicity and sound design. It is something that involves the theatre director (first, João Ferrador, then Marco António del Carlo and now Dora Bernardo) and all the members of the group.

Nowadays, GTFUL integrates 12 elements of the various ULisboa units (rectory, sciences, medicine, veterinary, economy).

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