Experimental Theatre Group of the University of Aveiro

The Experimental Theatre Group of the University of Aveiro was founded in 1979. It is made up of various students from the University, which makes it the second oldest centre of the Academic Association of the University of Aveiro. Its first theatre production, “Uma Corda Para Cada Dedo” (a rope for each finger), was staged by the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic António Sampaio da Nóvoa in 1980 and, from then until 2020, the centre took to the stage more than fifty theatre productions and offered dozens of theatre training courses.

Since 2017, the centre has taken on a different configuration, starting to count on part of its structure in a professional and semi-professional regime, by hosting, producing and co-producing shows ranging from Music, Dance, as well as other artistic domains.

They have had their current configuration in place since 2019, which offers an artistic residency programme, training in various areas, as well as a vast multidisciplinary programme scheduled quarterly.

Audiodrama "Ruins"