Theatre Initiation Circle of the Academy of Coimbra

The CITAC theatre group (Theatre Initiation Circle of the Academy of Coimbra) started in 1956 and, since then, has built its dominance in experimental and avant-garde theatre in its Black Box. It carries the history of popular, street and social and political intervention theatre since the ages of resistance against the Estado Novo, characterised by student, social and female emancipation, reason as to why it was persecuted and forcibly closed down by PIDE in 1971.

It returned to activity after the Carnation Revolution in 1974, which, since then and until now, has been improving itself in the arts of the performing body, integrating postdramatic theatre, dance, circus arts and performance in the creation of contemporary productions that speak, through the artistic aspirations of its young members, with the inner and outer world that make us.

With its current focus on free and quality artistic training of “citaquianos” (members of CITAC), as they join the group biennially, the body of CITAC keeps itself in constant renewal while transmitting its essence built throughout the years for each new generation.

In perpetual movement, the group traces a particular path through untethered experimentalism, crossing the poetics of the stage as an opportunity to materialize the invisible, in the immersion of languages of the surreal, the ritual and physical expressionism. So this way, it always seeks to provide unexpected and unique artistic experiences for their audience when they enter the Black Box.

Play "Vanitas"