20:56 + 14:13

We started by creating a house - the four walls we saw the most in the last year - and we waited. It is not enough to love a house, it is necessary to listen to it. And it takes time to listen.
We know that it is said that audio is blind, but we believe that it is precisely because of its blindness that it manages to be intensely imagistic. Perhaps the word "blindness" does suggest a limitation, but in fact, in the field of imagination, it is the other dramatic vehicles that are limited. In contrast, the audio, almost absolutely incorporeal, has no limits. This was the roof of our house, of our collective ruin. We entrusted the imagination of seven divisions to seven authors. It is from them that the voices to which we will give the possible body arise.

Ruins - 1st Episode
Ruins - 3rd Episode


Conception and staging by: Luís Araújo

With the collaboration of: Bruno dos Reis

Texts by: Bruno dos Reis, David Calão, Guilherme Gomes, João Coutinho, Luís Araújo, Maria do Mar e Teresa Coutinho

Actors Direction by: João Tarrafa e Luís Araújo

Capture and Sound Design by: Francisco Faria, Luís Araújo e Pedro Augusto

Interpretation by: Ana Velhinho, Catarina Amaro, Danes, João Nunes Silva, João Tarrafa, Manuel Coutinho, Maria Avelãs, Maria Inês Almeida, Maria do Mar, Sofia Príncipe e Teresa Silva

Design and Image by: Ana Velhinho e Mara Vieira

Executive Production by: Afonso Santos (Ao Cabo) e Beatriz Lobo, Laura Silva e Maria Calão (GrETUA)

Co-production: Ao Cabo Teatro e GrETUA

Ao Cabo Teatro is sponsored by the Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.

GrETUA is a structure of the University of Aveiro and AAUAv.

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