No Common Language

No Common Language

10 MAY | 19H00


No Common Language it is a sum of parts that does not constitute a whole. It is a polluted show, the product of a process of researching sequentially disruptive scenic languages, while contaminating each other. It is not a serious thing. But it is, with the right sense of humour. It is an exercise in fusing languages, denying unity and perfect meaning, discussing possibilities for the transgression of the creative processes themselves.

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Stagingspotify: Susana Oliveira

Interpreted by: Margarida Silvestre, Patricia Xará, Susana Henriques

Sound design: Manuel Brásio

Light design: Hugo Valter Moutinho

Scenography/video: Eduarda Andersen

Costumes: Helena Guerreiro

Master Seamstress: Esperança Sousa

Production: António Pacheco, Fábio Amorim, Filipa Santos, Inês Pinheiro Torres

Technical Support: Eduardo Brandão

Acknowledgements: Alexandra Corte-Real, Anjos Urbanos (Carlos Almeida), António Pacheco, Bethanne Freund, Daniela Araújo Braga, Duarte Rodas (Barracuda Clube de Roque), Filipa Fonseca, Filipe Pacheco, Paulo e Ricardo Coelho, Get Hands Dirty (Cristiana Figueiredo), Gilberto Pereira, Óptica Portuense, Gondor - Engenharia e Construção, Henrique Ferreira Mota, Júlio Eme, Manuel J. Sousa Oliveira, Marco Gabriel, Maria João Almeida, Maria João Calisto, Nuno Matos, Orlando Castro, Pedro Barbosa, Pedro Sardinha, Rafael Cortes Pires, Rui Torres, Sara Jones, Sara Nogueira, Susana Sousa, Tiago ngelo.

Sponsors: Universidade do Porto e IPDJ