4 Ionescos

4 Ionescos

18 MAY 2021 | 20H00

60-75 mins

We decided to face the various constraints caused by the pandemic, affirming together the celebration of the dream, the creation and life. Faced with an unrealistic reality, we found theatrical freedom again by immersing ourselves in the wise tones of the mysteries of the absurd. We summoned Ionesco and some of his works: "The Bald Soprano", "The Lesson", "The Chairs" and "Rhinoceros". From excerpts of these plays, we have built a dramaturgy inspired by the imagination, which without ideological assumptions that often confine thought, allows us to exercise a critical attitude and foster a meeting place where we can share our anxieties and hopes.

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Artistic Direction: Júlio Martín da Fonseca

“A Lição”: Sara Félix and Luís Miranda

“As Cadeiras” e “A Cantora Careca”: Rosa Couto and João Nabais

“O Rinoceronte”: Joana Santos and Mário Brito

Music: Helena Reis

Body and Voice Assistance: Manuel Vieira

Coordination of online Streaming: Nuno Cortez